Route 3. Superenduro Riglos

Punto de inicio:
Datos técnicos
Tipo de ruta: Circular
Desnivel acumulado: 850 m
Distancia: 21,5 km
Tiempo estimado: 3-4 horas
Dificultad física: Alta
Pista: 42 %
Terreno: Asfalto,pista y sendero
Dificultad técnica: Alta
Sendero: 47 %

21,5 km

3-4 horas

850 m


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Información general


The route begins in the Riglos parking lot in front of the Refugio de Riglos (Riglos Refuge) and under the impressive Mallos de Riglos. It goes along the access road to the village for a stretch until we take a track on our left that heads towards Linás de Marcuello. But before reaching this place and on a hill next to a cattle fence, it turns sharply to the left and continues up a forested path towards the cliffs of Os Fils, spectacular walls of conglomerate
in sheets or horizontal strata.
Arriving almost at the foot of the cliffs and in a curve we take the first downhill path that leads to the barranco de los Clérigos (ravine of the clergy). It is a short, easy and fun trail.
After crossing the ravine, the trail continues uphill until you reach the track under the Pared de los Buitres. When arriving at the track it turns to the left continuing by the Camino Natural de la Hoya de Huesca until, shortly, we end up in the footpath that goes up the ravine of the Clérigos until the Collado de Santo Román. This is a 1.5 km uphill trail, demanding, with rocky sections that sometimes force us to get off the bike, but for the mostpart it is a demanding cycling trail.
Already in the Collado de Santo Roman, take the track on the left that continues ascending towards a hill, after a steep slope and then continues more smoothly and even downhill until you reach the collado de Espinabla in an area of meadows on the left. We pass the hill and
continue along the track for a short stretch to take (be careful) a detour to our left, not very marked by a forest trail that crosses a chain and ascends to a fenced area (a dunghill forscavenger birds). The path turns into a trail and does not go all the way to the fence, but turns right onto a flat area that leads to the start of the “Hardline” trail. This trail was brought back for a test of the Open of Aragón of Enduro and has become one of the best
descents in the area.
The first section is open and with open curves, to then enter the forest and it becomes a steeper section with tighter curves through the pine forest. Then the trail has sections of pedaling until you reach an open area that leads to a track. At this point, pay attention because the continuation of the route is a trail that starts behind us and heads towards
Carcavilla. This section of trail is made between areas of holm oaks and has some zones of cliff. As it reaches Carcavilla it becomes more rocky until it reaches a narrow area with a chain, which forces us to get off the bike and climb down a few meters without much danger, but that forces us to be attentive.
The trail leads to an old service track, then turns right towards the buildings of the center and down some stairs and parallel to the discharge pipe until it crosses a concrete channel,all in the vicinity of Carcavilla.

After crossing the concrete channel, it connects with the recently brought back PR-HU-98 trail that connects Riglos with the village of La Peña. A nice trail along the Gállego river with spectacular views of the river, Peña Rueba and the Mallos de Riglos and with continuous uphill and downhill sections, which in some cases will also force us to get off the bike. We
cross the railway track at one point near Carcavilla, next to its old halt and then we ascend by trail a stretch to a rocky hill that leaves us in front of the Mallos de Riglos. Then a short descent to reach just below a viaduct under the train tracks and from there make a demanding ascent by trail and then track towards the village of Riglos. A route of pure agroenduro in the home territory, where one of the most famous cyclists of the Mallos Bike kingdom, the Spanish Enduro champion, Gabriel Torralba and also an international enduro world championship rider of this modality, has been trained. A selection of his best trails, where he trains and enjoys cycling in a magical environment.

Puntos de interés
  • Mallos de Riglos
  • Pared de los Buitres
  • Barranco de los Clérigos
  • Collado de Santo Román
  • Carcavilla
  • Sendero PR-HU-98 de Carcavilla a Riglos
Agua / Avituallamiento
  • Water and food in Riglos village.
  • In the village of Riglos there is a fountain, but in the rest of the route there are no water or refreshment points.
  • Plan the route well and bring enough water and food, especially during the hotter seasons.
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