Route 10. Cross country circuit: Refollao of Ayerbe

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Datos técnicos
Tipo de ruta: Circular
Desnivel acumulado: 180 m
Distancia: 4,8 km
Tiempo estimado: 30 minutos
Dificultad física: Alta
Pista: 30 %
Terreno: Pista y sendero
Dificultad técnica: Alta
Sendero: 70 %

4,8 km

30 minutos

180 m


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Información general


The circuit XCO “Refollao” de Ayerbe has 7 sections in its 4,8 km route:
· Section 0. Access to the circuit: from the Plaza Ramón y Cajal of Ayerbe to the west by Saraseta Street towards the hermitage of San Miguel.
· Section 1. San Miguel trail: technical and demanding uphill trail to the San Miguel hermitage (D=0.56 km).
· Section 2. Cresta de San Miguel: downhill circuit section made with a machine(D =0.72 km).
· Section 3. Camino de San Pablo: uphill section of link track (D= 0.39 km).
· Section 4: Paseo de Genano: natural trail through juniper forest and pine forest on ascent (D:0.79 km).
· Section 5 Mallos Kingdom: uphill track to the Castillo d’os Muros (D: 1.01 km)
· Section 6: d’os Muros Castle: a flat track along the Castillo d’os Muros (D:0,73 km)
· Section 7: Sendero Setas (Mushroom Trail): a natural downhill trail with artificial waterfalls that connects with the beginning of the circuit (D:0.59 km).
A technically and physically demanding circuit, but very attractive in terms of the variety of
sections. Undoubtedly a training and official circuit for mtb amateurs and also for professional amateurs and XCO (Olympic cross country) competitions. It is recommended a first warm-up lap without forcing, just to recognize the circuit and then perform 2 complete laps once you know the key points of it.
Its name “Refollao” comes from the typical sweet of Ayerbe, which is a delicious pastry dough with oil and sugar. If you come to try the circuit, do not forget to stop by some of the bakeries of Ayerbe and try this delicacy.

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· Water and refreshments:  Ayerbe

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