Route 1. Foz de Salinas

Punto de inicio:
Datos técnicos
Tipo de ruta: Circular
Desnivel acumulado: 710 m
Distancia: 16 km
Tiempo estimado: 2-3 horas
Dificultad física: Alta
Pista: 70 %
Terreno: Pista y sendero
Dificultad técnica: Alta
Sendero: 30 %

16 km

2-3 horas

710 m


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Información general


The Foz of Salinas trail is very frequented by hikers and is a natural place of high ecological value. Help us to maintain good coexistence and give way to hikers and be respectful with them. Be respectful with the fauna and flora.

The route begins in front of La Posada of Villalangua. From there the route heads west along a track and following the route signposted as Ruta de las Pardinas, passing by the Chuanes Camp. After passing the camp, the route ascends through the pine forest until it reaches a trail junction. In our case, we turn left and continue ascending through the pine forest until
we reach a hill. From there, we descend a little until we reach a left curve in an area of meadows and leave the track to enter a very poorly defined path (pay attention to the track and signage) that leads, after a short downhill and uphill portage, to the rock wall in whichthe Osqueta hill or Double V hill is located, since the natural hill seems to be formed by two v-shaped incisions in the rock.
From the hill we have beautiful views of the Pyrenees and San Juan de la Peña in front of us.
Below you can see the abandoned village of Salinas Viejo, the Foz of Salinas and the village of Villalangua. An authentic natural spectacle accompanied by the constant flight of large birds of prey, such as griffon vultures, among others.
The trail from the Collado de la Osqueta to Villalangua is long, twisty and rocky but also with fast and fun sections. The first section of the trail takes us to the abandoned village of Salinas Viejo and passes by its old church. It then continues descending and approaches the
waterfall of the Fuente de la Rata and a little further on passes through the narrowest point of the Foz de Salinas, flanked on both sides by narrow, vertical limestone walls. From this point the trail continues descending between rock curves, ignores a detour to Salinas and continues straight ahead until it crosses a small bridge. From there the trail becomes flatter, passes through old orchard areas and leads to a track. When you reach the track, continue
to the right and do the same at the next crossroads, which will leave you in front of the town of Villalangua.

Puntos de interés
  • Foz de Salinas
  • Collado de la Osqueta
  • Salinas Viejo (despoblado)
  • Fuente de la Rata
  • Villalangua
Agua / Avituallamiento
  • Water in Villalangua
  • There are no water or refreshment points along the route. Bring enough food and water for the route, especially during the summer season
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